Shotel™ Ankle Arthrodesis Nail System

The first FDA cleared ankle arthrodesis nail system.

The Shotel™ Ankle Arthrodesis Nail System is an intramedullary (IM) nail
intended to provide compression and rigid fixation for primary ankle fusions.
The unique curved design allows an approach through the medial side
of the talus and is designed to achieve fusion at the tibiotalar joint while
allowing unrestricted motion to remain at all other joints. The Shotel™ Ankle
Arthrodesis Nail System provides a minimally invasive surgical option which
may allow early weight bearing.

Fusion Nail

The solid titanium IM fusion nails are available in seven different diameters ranging from 9mm to 15mm in 1mm increments. Each diameter fusion nail is available in two configurations; left and right. The fusion nails can accommodate up to six bone screws. The four proximal cross locking holes provide the surgeon with either a static or dynamic cross locking hole in alternating 90 degree orientations.

Compression Achieved

The compression sleeve and nut allow the surgeon to apply compression across the joint line during the securing of the nail with the cross locking screws.

Bone Screws

The 5 mm self-tapping titanium bone screws are fully threaded and can be used to provide static or dynamic cross locking through the provided nail holes. The bone screws are available in various lengths from 20mm to 80mm in 2mm increments.

Precise Targeting

The drill guide and sleeves allow for the precise targeting and placement of locking screws.