Quality and Reliable Products

Your reputation and our reputation are on the line each time a surgeon uses our products. We make quality and reliable products as cornerstones of our brand. There is a patient on the table, and we want to give our surgeons the utmost confidence in us and our products.

Comprehensive Product Offering

We are starting with our primary product offering, the Shotelâ„¢ Arthrodesis Nail System. The goal is to look for additional products to complement our foot and ankle product offerings. Having a comprehensive product portfolio helps hospitals and healthcare facilities streamline their procurement processes and obtain all the required items from a single source.

Inventory Management

No good Sales Representative ever wants to miss cases with their surgeons. We will keep instrument trays and sets in the field for quick and easy access and we will ensure that additional inventory is kept with our regional Clinical Specialist Team. Additionally, effective inventory management, including accurate forecasting and stock control, helps prevent stockouts and minimizes wastage.

Knowledge and Expertise

Shotel Medical, Inc. need Sales Representatives who have a deep understanding of the medical products they sell and the healthcare industry. This includes knowledge of ankle and foot surgeries, product specifications, competitive alternatives, and industry trends. We will support our field team with training opportunities where needed.

Fun and Purpose Driven Culture

We are creating something special at Shotel Medical, Inc. We know what is important to you and your family. We offer a fantastic compensation plan and we want to see our team stay in place for years to come. If we do what we need to do, we will all look forward to Monday mornings.

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