Innovative and reliable products

Shotel Medical, Inc. develops and manufactures high-quality medical devices to treat end-stage ankle arthritis. We have several products in the pipeline that you will be seeing in the coming years. Our products are designed to treat your patients in a minimally invasive approach to promote faster healing and a quicker return to a normal life.

Research and Development

Collaborating with hospitals and healthcare professionals allows Shotel Medical, Inc. to gather insights about real-world clinical needs and challenges. By working together, we can develop and improve medical devices that address specific healthcare requirements, enhance patient outcomes, and streamline workflows.

Providing Technical Support

Timely technical support is essential to ensure seamless operation of vendors within your hospitals. Shotel Medical, Inc. offers readily accessible and responsive technical support services to troubleshoot issues, address concerns, and provide timely repairs or replacements when needed with any of our products or procedure trays.

Collaborating on Cost Optimization

Our company works with hospitals to find solutions that optimize costs while maintaining quality patient care. This may involve exploring contracting options as well as placing higher used products on consignment.

Research and Clinical Trials

Shotel Medical, Inc. will be initiating a robust clinical trial program in the US. We will be collaborating with hospitals to support research initiatives and clinical trials. Our goal will be to generate data that will be useful to HCPs, Providers, Payors and Employers.